Make space to live your life

With the right systems and mindset, you can create a successful business that leaves room for all the things that make life worth living — friends, family, art and adventure.

In 14 years as a freelance business owner, I've learned a thing or two. I can honestly say that building a freelance business offers more flexibility, security, and freedom than I ever thought possible. It doesn't seem fair to keep these secrets to myself. That's why I made this course for you.

Thrive In Your Business

Whether you're just getting started or upgrading your freelance business, you're in the right place.

  • Independence

    Get off the financial roller-coaster. Make a real living. Set your business free from others' expectations.

  • Security

    Know how to find high-paying clients. Build your confidence and your savings. Plan for your future.

  • Flexibility

    Do work you love. Travel when and where you want. Build a life that works. Stay true to yourself, always.

Introducing Upgrade Your Freelance Business

The complete training program to help you build a profitable freelance business that supports your life. Give yourself the gift of independence and security.

Yes, you can succeed at freelancing — without working yourself to death.
Uncover the secrets that career freelancers use everyday.

Module 1: Build Your Business

In this Module:

✔️   The simple truth you need to know to succeed as a business owner.

✔️   Set a solid foundation by getting your offerings, portfolio, and web presence in order. 

✔️   Find a formula to set pricing that works for you and your clients.

✔️   Organize your business, simplify your life!

✔️   Discover the four little words that will make sure you get paid.

❇️   BONUS: Downloadable guide to the 6 tools I use everyday.

Module 2: Find Valuable Clients

In this Module:

✔️   Get smart about using job boards and other job search tools.

✔️   Learn the secret to finding quality, high-paying clients.

✔️   Write pitches that make your products and services irresistible to the right client.

❇️   BONUS: Downloadable pack of sample pitches to inspire you.

✔️   Spot and avoid problem clients so you don't waste time on them. 

✔️   Manage your workload so you have the flexibility, freedom and energy to do your best work.

Module 3: Unlock Ease

In this Module:

✔️   Step confidently into your role as an expert that clients like and trust.

✔️   Respond to feedback with grace and confidence.

✔️   Jump right over common pitfalls to keep your business running smoothly.

✔️   Get ready to scale! Recognize when and how to grow your business the smart way.

✔️   Stage a Business Health Audit to keep your business in shape over the long term.

❇️   BONUS: The great big list of resources for freelancers.

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Bonuses Built In

We're including everything you need to upgrade your business and take back your life.

  • Example Pitches - Priceless
    Free - Included with the course

  • Pitch Tracker Spreadsheet - $55
    Free - Included with the course

  • Client Communication Email Templates - $55
    Free - Included with the course

  • Cost of Doing Business Calculator - $35
    Free - Included with the course

  • Freelancer's Guide to LinkedIn - $35
    Free - Included with the course

  • Business Health Audit Guide - $35
    Free - Included with the course

That's more than $215 in bonuses!
Plus life-time, on-demand access to the entire course and everything in it.
Including all future updates.

Upgrade Your Freelance Network

Freelancing can be a lonely business. We want you to have all the support you need to succeed as a freelance business owner. The Upgrade Your Freelance Business Group is here for you.

This private, exclusive group is only for current and former students of Freelance School. Ask questions, trade advice, and even get other freelancers to review your pitches before you send them. 

Moderated by Emma, and full of fellow freelancers, this group is an optional (but awesome) part of the Upgrade Your Freelance Business experience.

Instant Access. Lifetime Results.

The course and group are 100% online so you can
upgrade your business anytime, anywhere.

  • Full Access Instantly

    We're not holding back. You get full, instant access to the entire course and everything in it. No waiting for modules to release. Start upgrading your business now.

  • On Your Schedule

    Get the flexibility to upgrade your freelance business on your own timeline. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl. Learn online and at your own pace.

You're Getting Everything

  • Upgrade Your Freelance Business Course
    The core course of 9 chapters with 4 lessons each gives you the tools to build a freelance business with all the flexibility, security and freedom you deserve.

  • Exclusive Membership in the Private Group
    This private group is a space for you to ask questions and trade advice will other freelance business owners. It's optional (but awesome).

  • Example Pitches Downloadable Resource
    Hone your powers of pitching with these real pitches that Emma has used to win contracts. Including insight into why each one works.

  • Pitch Tracker Spreadsheet
    Keep track of who you've pitched and get ready to celebrate your wins with this customizable pitch tracker spreadsheet.

  • Client Communication Email Templates
    Write clear client communication emails with email templates that cover the situations you'll face most frequently as a freelance business owner.

  • Cost of Doing Business Calculator
    A simple but mighty tool to help you figure out what it costs to run your business so you can make smart investments in your success.

  • Freelancer's Guide to LinkedIn
    Grow your network and show up looking like the expert you are with this guide to using LinkedIn like a pro.

  • Business Health Audit Checklist
    Use this step-by-step guide and checklist to keep your business healthy (and yourself happy) no matter how much your business grows.

  • Full, Lifetime Access!
    Get full access to everything the course has to offer, including any updates or additions we might make, now and for the life of the course!

Get Ready to Get Started

enrollments open again Summer 2023

This Course Is Right For You If You...

✔️ Are ready to upgrade your business and your life.

✔️ Want to skip gimmicks and "manifesting" and get real results.

✔️ Are a curious person who prefers learning independently.

✔️ Are self-motivated and ready to do the work.

✔️ Believe you can succeed if you have the right tools.
A female freelancer sits in a black wicker chair outside. She has sunglasses on and is looking at the screen of a small tablet which sits on her lap.

This Course Is Not For You If You...

❌  Are looking for 1:1 coaching or a guru to follow

❌ Want results without having to take action

❌ Already have a perfect business  and make all the money you want. 

❌  Aren't ready to treat freelancing like a business

❌ Expect to get rich quick with business "hacks"                                                                                                                               



  • When does the class start?

    Whenever you want! You get full access to everything in the course as soon as you enroll. You can start now, or sign up now (at the lowest price we'll ever offer) and start when you're ready.

  • What am I really getting with this course?

    You're getting 9 chapters of advice and insight on how to run a successful freelance business, with 4 videos in each chapter. Plus, downloadable guides, tracking tools, a cost calculator, and access to the exclusive Upgrade Your Freelance Business Group.

  • You say I can "double my freelance income." Is that for real?

    Emma did it using the same strategies she's sharing in this course. In fact, she grew her business by 180% year-over-year. The difference was so extreme that her tax accountant asked, "What did you do?!" He was baffled to learn that she hadn't taken on a second job or won the lottery, she just upgraded her business.

  • I haven't started freelancing yet. Will this course still help me?

    Absolutely! We walk you through all the essentials you need to start freelancing, from calculating how much your business will cost to finding your focus and landing your first client. Every freelancer can benefit from this course.

  • I've been freelancing for a while now. Can this course really help me?

    Yes! Many freelancers start taking work without building the foundation they need to keep their business (and themselves) healthy over the long-term. Upgrade Your Freelance Business will help you reset that foundation even if you've been freelancing for years.

  • I'm a graphic designer/bookkeeper/llama groomer/balloon sculpture artist... is this class for me?

    This class is for anyone who provides services or goods on a contract basis. We cover the business essentials that every freelance business owner needs to succeed. That means this course is for you if you're a...bookkeeper, proofreader, videographer, book layout expert, virtual assistant, web designer, social media specialist, instructional designer, financial consultant, app developer, content creator, artist...

  • I'm living the laptop lifestyle. Can I still take this course?

    Of course! Upgrade Your Freelance business is fully online and asynchronous (that means you don't have to be online at any particular time). Wherever you are and whatever else you're doing, you can take the course as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Will I get to ask Emma questions directly?

    All students are automatically added to the exclusive, private group where you can ask questions and share insights. Emma moderates the group. While we can't promise she'll answer every question, she will offer direct feedback when she can.

You've read all that, and you're still here...

Do you know what that tells me?

It tells me you want this. You want to upgrade your business without sacrificing your life. You want the freedom, security, and flexibility this course offers you.
 So let me ask you this...

What if, just this once, you make the choice to go-all in?

All-in on treating your business like a business, on being the expert, on making the income you deserve for the valuable work you do. 

What if this course really does double your income? 

Heck, what if it does better than that? What if it triples your income? Imagine how that would change your business. Imagine how it would change your life!

What if what you learn here changes the trajectory of your business?

Imagine if the lessons you learn here bring you better clients, more flexibility, and more time for what really matters in life — friends, family, art, adventure, community...

If even one of those scenarios is possible, can you  really afford not enroll right now?

Terms and Disclaimer: The results you get from this course will depend on many variables including, but not limited to,  your level of effort, personal qualities, specialty, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge and skills. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level. Building a successful freelance business takes effort and time. We provide you the tools, it's up to you what you do with them.